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Customized Export Marketing Plans


In partnership with Enterprise Florida, World Trade Center Orlando would like to present a customized export marketing plan. 


As a member of the Florida Export Directory, Enterprise Florida and the Small Business Development Centers Network of Florida are offering qualified Florida manufacturers and services providers customized Export Marketing Plans to analyze your company’s products and services for export-readiness; help your company target key markets; understand the competitive landscape, and develop successful market entry strategies.


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Why Export?

  • Over 95% of the world’s customers are located beyond U.S. borders.

  • Exporters realize higher employment growth than non-exporters.

  • Most companies that export have an easier time riding out fluctuations in the U.S. economy and are more likely to stay in business.

  • Export wages are typically 13–18% higher than non-export wages.

If you are ready to increase your sales overseas but not sure which countries to concentrate on and need a step-by-step plan for export growth, then we may have the answer.

Export Marketing Plans cost $3,530.00 but qualifying companies are eligible for a $3,030.00 grant from the state of Florida so that the final cost to your company is only $500!

Increase your chances for export success. Don't wait.
Contact your local Enterprise Florida trade specialist today!












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