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PropTech Challenge

REBNY Getting to Carbon Net Zero Challenge
Embodied Carbon & Carbon Capture

VIDEO Below under Particulate Matter Solutions



Fees and Written Agreements

World Trade Center Orlando Consulting charges fees and requires written agreements with fees

listed therein for all of its services and products.

Particulate Matter Solutions LLC Direct Air Capture Generator




Contact John R. West - Management Representative for

Particulate Matter Solutions LLC to learn about investing in, or partnering with us regarding the

US patented world class Direct Air Capture Generator which retrofits to any global commercial building and cleans the air in any densely populated global city to the extent the Generator is attached to buildings in that city. Can also be used to clean air in steel, concrete, and other plants. For details please click here.

PropTech Challenge REBNY Getting to Carbon Net Zero Challenge
Embodied Carbon & Carbon Capture Video click start arrow below.

Video shows blue line chalk simulating pollutants being filtered.








The PermaSafe™ System


The PermaSafe™ System is comprised of two distinct, yet equally remarkable, Patented and EPA Registered & Approved | FDA Approved disinfectant products that give up to 90 days of anti-microbial protection. FDA Approved to protect food contact articles including food preparation surfaces, tubing for beverages, and activated carbon water filters. Listed on the EPA’s N-List as effective in killing COVID-19.

Want surfaces disinfected for any of these applications? The PermaSafe™ System is your answer.

  • Applications include but not limited to: airplanes | airports, casinos, cruise ships, hospitals, hotels, mass transit, office buildings, performance centers, restaurants, stadiums, sports equipment, vehicles, etc.

  • We will offer a 15% discount on all companies using discount code "WTCO".

  • Click here for more information.

SMART Communities

Click here to learn about our work with our Partner SMART Community Exchange and their Soft-Landing program. 

Click here to learn about our work with our Partner SMART Community Exchange and their SMART Gateway City program. 

Click here to learn about our Making Global Local Partnership with United States Trade and Development Agency. 

  Cordell Racing

  Convention Entertainment & Mobile Marketing 




World Trade Center Orlando announces partnership with Cordell Racing in the promotion of, and arrangement for, Event Marketing through the use of Branded NASCAR Simulators.


Experiential Marketing is widely recognized to improve and create long lasting memories by incorporating all 5 senses.  Not just seeing, but touching, smelling, feeling and hearing


Now instead of wishing for huge crowds to visit your booth or business event, Cordell Racing has the proven power of NASCAR to make those wishes come true!


Cordell Racing NASCAR simulator cars are hired out for a wide range of marketing events and promotions, with the #1 goal of increasing attendance, generating leads and creating memorable fun for all.  Whether it's for your event, new product announcement, or booth, Cordell Racing NASCAR Simulator programs will enhance the experience and help ensure your ROI! Click here to learn more.




We at World Trade Center Orlando have signed an agreement with CoreChair to “promote awareness and interest in the CoreChair Product”.  It is designed to be the healthiest chair in the world. I am sitting in a CoreChair as I write this and it is the best office chair by far that I’ve ever sat in for hours at a time. For one thing it forces you to sit up straight. Also important, a CoreChair allows you to move while you sit, stimulating circulation and helping your productivity!


Wouldn’t you like to sit in a chair day after day that is not only healthy for you, but is also friendly to the environment – made of recycled material? Wouldn’t you like for all of the employees in your organization to sit in a CoreChair and reduce your organizations healthcare benefit costs by having healthier employees? Read all the facts below and click on the green “Shop Now’ button. And please make sure you use the DISCOUNT code – WTCORL to get the biggest DISCOUNT possible. Click here to learn more and to shop for your CoreChair!


Finding Trading Partners Globally

Looking for trading partners in other parts of the world? We have 319 other partner World Trade Centers whom we can turn to in nearly every developed part of the world to help you find the global trading partners you need to expand your business.

For inventors and others seeking capital investments and partners we charge a 10 % finders fee of the gross proceeds

received and require a written agreement before the search begins.



Management Consulting

Services Offered: International management consulting and training to business, education, government, and other types of organizations. Hosting of international trade missions. Business matchmaking at trade shows.

Specialize in full company/organization assessment, continuous improvement, leadership, strategic planning, customer satisfaction, measurement systems, and team building/problem solving. Use the Baldrige Excellence Framework and Criteria (or another country criteria) process of assessment/audit to recommend areas for improvement. Lead/assist with implementation of assessment recommendations. Conduct workshops on any of the above. Facilitation of meetings and workshops.

For more information contact:

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